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Le Petit Raisin

Premium Wine To Go

We recently conducted the Exit of the mother company of the product “Le Petit Raisin”, the Cheers Beverage Distribution GmbH.
Thereby we accompanied the contract design as well as we organized the selling process from the initial offer until the final acquisition completion.

  • Cheers Beverage Distribution GmbH
  • Three Months
  • Le Petit Raisin
  • Consulting, Contract Design, Negotiations

Spirit of Style GmbH

Distributor for luxury garments

The Spirit of Style GmbH serves as a purchasing and management company for “Skala” boutiques  in Latvia.

The first Skala boutique was opened in 1995 in Riga, Latvia. As a shopping chain, Skala has since established itself as one of the leading Boutique of premium and luxury brands in the textile sector on the Latvian market. There are currently four boutiques in Riga and Jurmala.

Spirit of Style GmbH was founded to centralize the purchase of the boutiques in Latvia and to expand the German market. For this purpose,  a boutique in Cologne has been opened in the spring of 2017.

  • Spirit of Style GmbH
  • Four Months
  • Skala
  • Design, Consulting, Presentations


Travel Agent

DealAndGo connects travelers together and enables them to find amazing deals for exclusive hotels.

  • DealAndGo GmbH
  • Three Months
  • DealAndGo
  • Design, Software Development, Consulting, Testing
  • Symfony3, React, Javascript, CSS, PHP

Traffic Design

Online Marketing Agency

Professional online marketing with focus on search engines, display and Google Shopping. Instead of pure automation, we rely on personal contacts and the optimal combination of sound expert knowledge and a well-engineered optimization software.

  • Traffic Design
  • On Going
  • Traffic Design
  • Design, Managment, Software Development, Consulting, Testing
  • Symfony3, AngularJS, Javascript, CSS, PHP

To be announced

To be announced

  • Zum Goldenen Hirschen Köln GmbH
  • In Progress
  • To be announced
  • Software and App Development, Consulting, Testing
  • Meteor, Javascript,HTML, CSS

Room Concept Store

Luxury Fashion Boutique

  • Style In GmbH
  • One Week
  • Room Concept Store
  • Design, Web Development, Testing
  • WordPress, HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP


Art Platform

Collasta is the vision for a new way of experiencing, understanding and acquiring Art by emerging artists. It is a platform for creative and collaborative exchange, fostering a healthy discourse around the subjects decided upon by the artists themselves. Art, for as long as humans have existed, has been deeply rooted in our culture and has become a mode of expression for countless visionary minds. Yet it seems more relevant than ever and thus we have made it our mission to promote the importance and accessibility of art while abandoning the usually discouraging price tag. We work very hard in bringing our artists together and help them sustain their practice while being able to focus on their artistic development. We aim to become a platform for an infinitely expanding creative dialogue across the individual disciplines, backgrounds and cultural heritages of our collective while allowing the viewer to witness firsthand how the work reflects the collaborative energy channeled into it.

  • Majority Shareholder
  • Seed Investment
  • Collasta GmbH
  • Design, Consulting, Web Development
  • WooCommerce, HTML, CSS, JS, Sketch


Artificial Design Intelligence

Slidedoo is a web-based artificial design intelligence that automatically and responsively transforms users’ content into beautiful and professional designs. Slidedoo’s learning ability contributes to a user-friendly and tailor made suggesting system, which enables users to create excellent presentations while achieving extensive time and cost savings.

  • Majority Shareholder
  • Seed Investment
  • Slidedoo UG
  • Design, Consulting, Business Development, Web Development
  • Symfony3, Angular, Javascript, CSS, PHP

Tom Cardy

White Label Business Card solution

Tom Cardy is an app-based business card solution. Manage all your business contacts via one app and put aside all the workload and managing time you used to invest for maintaining those. View, save, edit and share your contacts in a beautiful and easy way.
We leave out all the complications so you can focus on building stronger business relationships.

  • Majority Shareholder
  • Seed Investment
  • Aviatoo GmbH
  • Design, Consulting, Business Development, Web Development
  • Symfony3, Angular, Javascript, CSS, PHP